How To Setup A BitBucket Account On Windows OS

Git is a very common and versatile version control system (VCS) for tracking changes in project files and coordinating work on those files among the multiple developers or teams.


Bitbucket is a web-based version control repository hosting service from Atlassian. The Bitbucket offers collaboration on code with inline comments and pull requests, which have made it more popular.


Here, we will see the steps to setup Bitbucket repository and git client on Windows platform. Also one can find the troubleshoot steps pertaining to Windows OS.


Step 1:   Start with Bitbucket signup process in any web browser.

 Sign up using email id and password


Step 2: After validating registered email id you all set with the first bit bucket step.

Now create repository or Import existing Repository into bit bucket account.


Bitbucket setup


Step 3: Setting up SSH key to avoid username and password

To access remote repository you need to connect using git client on windows.


Install git bash client for windows from here,

Create new folder in your drive write click and select git-bash.
It will open new linux like command prompt $


To generate SSH key

In git bash window type

$ ssh-keygen

Enter SSH file name

It will generate private and public keys with filename &, where .pub is your public key


gitbash ssh-keygen


Step 4: Copy SSH key in bit bucket Account or Repository settings.


Goto .ssh folder usually in windows the path of ssh key is users/<username>/.ssh


Now open vim in git bash window or notepad and type .pub file path, which will open file content, now copy file content into the following places.


  • Place 1: Select Repository > Setting > Access key > Add key

Copy key text and create new label. This will allow Read-Only git access.




Adding SSH key




  • Place 2: Go to bit bucket settings and then at the bottom select SSH key now add key content into the box and same create new label.


biit bucket setting


bit bucket setting set ssh key


Note: If you receive the error on save then the key is already being used by them. Remove the key form the place 1 or generate new by following previous steps.


Adding SSH key to the ssh-agent


Now you all set with generating ssh key and accessing bitbucket repository or changing the files without using username and the password.


To start ssh client open Git-bash and type

  1. $ eval ‘ssh-agent -s’

 $ eval ‘ssh-agent -s’


  1. Add key the SSH Agent

$ ssh-add  ~.ssh/<key>.pub


  1. Test SSH authentication

$ssh -T



Once setup is done, start git bash in windows on project folder and run git commands.

To know more or learn git command usage, one can refer following link.





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