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Looking for an E-commerce? Here is what you should ask before choosing an e-commerce platform partner.

We have added table for Woocommerce, which is one of the most popular platforms to extend existing WordPress website into online store.

According to Builtwith, among top million e-commerce websites 22% are running on Woocommerce platform. Builtwith link

Best Woocommerce in Pune


Whether you are a tech savvy or not, your online store operation should not be very cumbersome. The Woocommerce enables your existing WordPress website into online store which certainly leverages your online business with hustle free operations.

The good WordPress SEO plugin can boost the user traffics on your WordPress based e-commerce store.

SEO tips for your e-commerce website.

  1. Set keywords in Home and Product page which are relevant to your brand and products. Always use very specific keywords which user may key-in while searching online.
  2. You can always check competitors keywords and inbound links using  online tools to know how they are getting users on their website.
  3. Focus on site navigation which plays key role in user experience. The few examples are checkout page, feature product and most selling product positions on your home page.
  4. Use good quality product images with best composition and background.  But also remember raw images or high quality images may increase loading time, hence always use image optimizer for thumb and feature images before uploading it to product page.
  5. Make sure website is responsive for mobile and tab too. If you are using theme then just make sure to check it’s mobile view. You can also check various device resolutions using browser dev tool e.g. on chrome just open your website and press Ctr+ Shift+ I.
  6. Add social media to grow your community. Use product share button or social media review plugin which can spread good word about your product and services on different social platforms.
  7. Add newsletter to tell your customer to Be The First To Hear About Latest Product Releases, Collaborations And Online Exclusives.

Happy Selling…

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