Pure Life Mantras

PureLifeIn today’s hustle and bustle world, where everyone is busy in day to day life, it is very common to ignore exercise and deep breathe. It happens to all of us; you are working away on something you’ve got to get done and quite some time you have been lost in reverie about something.

The basic exercise does require a few minutes from our daily routine and continuity. Few easy to do hacks are, walk a short distance from parking a car little farther, or when in public transport sit, relax and take a deep breathe to focus your mind on removing any stress. We can say this is our common mentality as a human being to procrastinate the easy things.

“Does today’s technologies help in making life simpler?”

The answer pops up, counter question, i.e. “how are we using it?”

Today there are plenty of gadgets, fit-bands and sensors are available in the market, few of them are very affordable with nice applications and dashboards. Also there many third party applications like runkeeper, pure life and strava which help to organize the fit data and provide calories report. Even smart watches like Apple and Moto G are playing a vital role in health the market with the integration of health SDK and special sensors heart rate monitor and there is a long list.

The  basic mantras for peaceful life are,


The Yoga gives very easy postures to relieve stress and anxiety. When we are very busy at the office or home, we usually forget that our mind and body muscles need to be relaxed. This usual habit does not show any side effect until we reach to the certain age, when body and mind slow us down and depend on the synthetic supplements. The yoga has helped lots of people around the world to overcome critical illness and stress.


The Meditation helps to control general well being, mental clarity and greater self understanding. Also, meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation. These apps provides best meditation sounds to relax and to focus mind.


The Chanting brings us many medical, psychological and spiritual benefits. The easy controls help to remember and store prayers count.


No need to say, walking has its own benefits. It helps to control sugar level, strengthens heart, lower disease risk, prevents dementia and last but not the least help to lose weight and makes you happy. To assist you walk section provides tracking and recording your steps which indirectly tell the calories you burnt. Needless to say, health technology is user driven and one cannot force or tell user to adopt it. That’s why this is being sold as life style (fancy watches or fit bands) or embedded in smart day to day gadgets.


This is clear that, fit industry has huge scope today and now we see sensors in every second gadget we posses, whether it is smart watch, smart phone or fit bands. though I have serious doubt on their accuracy and actigraphy data it provides, but still these are helpful to keep me active. I would definitely like to vouch for trainer based applications and fit bands, one can use as daily motivation.

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