Top Fitness Players, Apple Series 2 watch & Fitbit Ionic

Apple Watch 2

Built-in GPS. Water resistance to 50 meters, more like a sports band rival.

When Apple had announced apple watch series 2 along with iPhone 7 and 7 plus released last year 2016, the features introduced in watch series 2 were more like a sports watch rival.

This was the next line on apple watch series 2 product page.

“Full of features that help you stay active, motivated, and connected, Apple Watch Series 2 is designed for all the ways you move.”

The Apple watch has built in GPS, Heart rate , water resistance (up to 50 meters) and a comprehensive app. Now this more sounds like a fitness gadget, than simply a smart watch. The gamut of health features like Heart rate monitor and activity tracker were already present in earlier series 1 model, but not emphasized like in series 2 watch promotion. The apple watch has been designed around fitness and activity tracking features and it couldn’t resists to redesign the watch for the swimmers and surfers, which was the key USP of Fitbit blaze and misfit swim band makers.

We like the design of Nike+ edition, specially designed for run lovers. Like all Apple Watch Series 2 models, Apple Watch Nike+ has built-in GPS to track your pace, distance, and route — even if you don’t have your iPhone with you. With the brightest display Apple has ever made, your metrics are easy to read, no matter how much the sun glares. And Apple Watch Nike+ is rated water resistant 50 meters, so you can even take a post-run dip in the pool. The Nike sport band made of fluoroelastomer is light weight, flexible and breathable band. The sport design Nike+ isn’t only option in series 2 watch.

The Hermès is a unique timepiece designed with both utility and beauty in mind. The Hermès bands are light, flexible, and water resistant and available in a variety of colors, which are the perfect companions for design lover. In short, apple series watch 2 is designed for all the ways you move.

Now this is 2017 and Fitbit has launched Apple watch 2 rival Ionic.  In last 10 years, Fitbit has gain momentum in fitness industry with its superior quality fitness tracker like One and Blaze.  Recently, the company has announced Smart Watch Ionic feature packed with personal guidance and tracker activities.

In marketing world, Apple promoted Watch as Fitness tracker whereas now in 2017, Fitbit is promoting a smart watch.  And for health enthusiast both serve the purpose.

The best feature of being smart watch it can sync your favorite musics and connect with Bluetooth headset to add fun in workouts without mobile phone.  No need to mention its fitness features as it can do everything what ancestors could do. As a smart watch it has new design, popular apps, payment option and clock face.

In addition to sport like Apple Nike+, Fitbit Ionic comes with Adidas sports experience edition.


Finally this is 2017, where the increasing popularity and need of fitness will surely surprise us with many more upcoming buzzes in fitness gadgets.



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